Heritage and Fashions is a non-profit center for Cultural Diplomacy in Uganda with an aim of promoting cultural heritage tourism of Uganda to the rest of the world, but also sustaining international education and youth entrepreneurial schemes.


The program has a mission of linking Uganda to the globalized markets through five thematic projects centered on marketing Uganda, creating opportunities for youth on wider markets as well as creating a socioeconomic structure in the Diaspora.


Corporate Membership - $1950

The blue-philanthropy initiative is meant for our development partners to support and sustain our local and international programs.


Institutional Membership - $650

This category supports cultural exhibitors, performing artists, tour operators and traditional organizations to connect to meaningful global opportunities.


Individual Membership - $250

Members in this category have access to all our events and program in Uganda and around the world


Heritage and Fashion Week

Every end of the month and for the first time in Uganda, tourists, visitors, diplomats and expatriates will be treated to spectacular monthly cultural event within our partner 5-star hotels in the heart of Kampala.

The blue event showcase cultural dramas, traditional dishes, African artifacts and of course beautiful Ugandan Models displaying Kitengi Brands

It’s definitely an opportunity to experience Uganda in just one night and at least expect different theme every month.

KAMPALA CITY FESTIVAL – Africa's biggest Carnival

Every first week of October, Kampala welcomes revelers from all over the world to flamboyant sights, vibrant sounds & lively rhythms in concert with an array of floats winding through the streets with dancers on show as they spin, whirl & twirl to mesmeric beats of celebration along the festival route.


Along with savory aromas of roast and drinks at your disposal, enjoy electric vibes by sensational artists of diverse genre entertaining you, your family and friends at no cost.


Heritage & Fashions is organizing a special setting for tits members and exchange partners during the 2017 Kampala City Festival to make it a memorable experience in the heart of African city.